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Cancer Registrar

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Hiring Organization St. Luke’s Health – Baylor St. Luke’s Medical Center – Houston, TX
Post Name Cancer Registrar
Industry Private
Employment Type Full Time
Location Houston, Texas, United States 77030


Baylor St. Luke’s Medical Center is an internationally recognized leader in research and clinical excellence that has given rise to breakthroughs in cardiovascular care neuroscience oncology transplantation and more. Our team’s efforts have led to the creation of many research programs and initiatives to develop advanced treatments found nowhere else in the world.

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The registrar is involved in managing and analyzing clinical cancer information for the purposes of education, research, and outcomes measurement. The registrar follows data collection, reporting, and quality standards for compliance with state, federal and third-party accreditation and regulatory agencies.

Principal Duties and Accountabilities:

  • Conducts case finding to maintain a complete cancer registry database. Identifies patients with malignant and benign reportable conditions, according to established guidelines, through case-finding practices to include a review of pathology and cytology reports, monthly disease indexes, radiation and medical oncology patient records, inpatient and other outpatient records, and other data sources as needed.  Maintains case finding and suspense files.
  • Performs abstracting activities by efficiently and Accurately abstracting cancer registry data.  This involves coding and entering patient-specific demographic and medical information into the cancer registry database via manual entry and through database linkage and computer interfaces. The registrar reviews and interprets complex diagnostic and treatment data utilizing standards and practices defined by the American College of Surgeon’s (ACoS) Commission on Cancer (CoC) Facility Oncology Registry Data Standards manual (FORDS), SEER Multiple Primary and Histology rules, Collaborative Stage Data Collection System, state registries and other regulatory agency requirements. Responsible for assigning the appropriate International Classification of Diseases in Oncology (ICDO) codes for abstracted cases. Utilizes all available data to assign appropriate AJCC staging and/or another cancer staging to each case.  Consolidates cases as needed.
  • Conducts data analysis and reporting by collecting, calculating, analyzing, interpreting, and presenting numerical data related to cancer occurrence, management, and outcome.  Prepares as requested routine and special reports for the medical staff, oncology program, hospital administration, state, national, regulatory, and accrediting agencies, and other requesting entities. Prepares both narrative reports and graphic presentations.  Ensures reports are completed in a timely manner and contain high-quality data.
  • Performs registry data quality assurance and auditing to ensure accurate, consistent, and complete data. This may include resolving edits and correcting data, verifying the accuracy of staging by the managing physician, and re-reviewing abstracted cases. Provides reports as needed and Assists physicians with QA activities as requested. This may include performing duties related to the CoC CP3R quality reporting tool and the Rapid Quality Reporting System (RQRS), if participating.
  • Additional responsibilities may be required, depending on the size of the institution and registry:
  • Follow-up activities on living patients to assess the effectiveness of treatment, continued surveillance, and to provide outcome data
  • Tumor Board/Cancer Conference coordination and participation
  • Commission on Cancer accreditation activities. Maintains knowledge of CoC standards.
  • Special Projects as requested
  • Assists in operations of the registry. This may include training and developing staff, creating and updating policies and procedures, attending meetings and participating on committees, and participating in educational activities. Maintains knowledge of current trends and developments in the field.


Education, Licensure, and Experience:

  • High School Diploma/GED Required
  • Current Certified Tumor Registrar (CTR) by the National Cancer Registrars Association is REQUIRED and must be continually maintained in good standing
  • Knowledge of Cancer Registry software systems
  • Ability to use office equipment and automated systems/applications/software at an acceptable level of proficiency and speed
  • Knowledge of cancer diagnosis, stage, treatment, and outcomes
  • Knowledge of medical terminology, anatomy, and ICD-9 coding
  • Analytical skills are necessary to accurately interpret diagnoses and assess, interpret, and analyze data from medical records. Some knowledge of statistical research methods
  • Demonstrated skills in organization, time management, attention to detail, prioritization, and multi-tasking. Able to concentrate for long periods and work independently.  Able to work remotely if requested by the institution
  • Ability to effectively and Accurately communicate (written and verbally) with physicians, staff members, and outside agencies in a positive and professional manner
  • Always demonstrates high moral and ethical standards

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