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Hiring Organization Frazer, Ltd.
Post Name Painter
Industry Private
Employment Type Full Time
Location Houston, Texas, United States 77081


Do you like doing the same things over and over in a calm environment? Do people tell you they can set their watch by the time you get up every day, even on weekends? Are you dependable and like to-do lists? Once you find something to work on or a hobby you like, are you completely committed to it?

Are you better at your favorite hobby (fishing, gardening, cooking, working on engines, or whatever) than most people? Are checklists your best friend with you enjoying working on one item at a time? If this sounds like you, then we need to talk…

Frazer, a leading builder of emergency medical vehicles, is currently seeking an Automotive Painter to join our team. The Automotive Painter at Frazer reports to the Chassis & Paint Production Manager and is responsible for prepping and painting both new and used Ambulance modules and truck chassis.

Sands, fills, repairs, and does general bodywork as needed. Tapes, clean, masks, and papers modular bodies, and related parts prior to paint application. Paints modules and performs spot-ins and repairs as needed.

What Does a Week in the Life of the Automotive Painter Look Like?

  • Reads work orders or receive instructions from Supervisor/Lead regarding prep work.
  • Prepares surfaces for painting by using sandpaper, brushes, and steel wool and wiping clean with solvent.
  • Fills holes, cracks, scratches, and joints with caulk, body filler, or other filler using a caulking gun or other tools.
  • Removes fixtures from the exterior prior to painting using hand tools or power tools.
  • Tape and covers surfaces with masking tape and paper to protect surfaces during painting.
  • Paint using epoxy primer using a 1.4 SATA RP gun.
  • Spray base coat using a 1.4 SATA gun.
  • Spray clear coat using a 1.3 SATA gun.
  • Observes and follows safety and security procedures; Reports potentially unsafe conditions; Uses equipment and materials properly.
  • Is consistently at work and on time; Ensures work responsibilities are covered when absent; Arrives at meetings and appointments on time.
  • Any other duties assigned by the Supervisor/Lead.
  • Clean paint gun and work area when work is completed.
  • Choose the correct reducer ratio based on the temperature index.
  • Possess knowledge of accelerator mixture based on part size/outside temp. etc.
  • Buff defects such as sags, runs, solvent pop, and debris.
  • Paint misc. parts/spot-ins (Blending)

Preferred Education and Experience:

  • High School education or GED equivalent
  • At least 6 months of experience or will accept completion of the related technical program
  • Bodywork experience as well as tape/masking experience
  • Must pass a Pulmonary Function Test
  • Ability to work in un-air conditioned environment
  • Principles, practices, and procedures for prepping

What’s it like to be a part of the Frazer Family?

Frazer is a fast-paced company that is creating some of the most innovative vehicles in the world. You’ll find a unique team of individuals who continue to push the boundaries of what is possible in the Healthcare and EMS space. A diverse team, a great culture, and a positive work environment are just some of the things that make working at Frazer so rewarding.

What Kind of Employees Thrive at Frazer?

Frazer is a company with a diverse group of employees from all over the world. Frazer welcomes employees with all types of backgrounds, cultural and socio-economic backgrounds. If you are hard-working, honest, and drug-free, you will love working at Frazer.

Safety & Drug Policy

Employee health and safety are a priority here at Frazer. We’re committed to providing a safe, secure, and productive environment for our Frazer family. To help with this, we perform thorough background checks during the hiring process for all candidates.

Convictions will not disqualify you from employment at Frazer, but failure to tell us about it upfront will. Also, Frazer has a zero-tolerance drug use policy and you must pass a pre-employment drug screen. If you can’t pass it, we’re not the place for you.

A True Culture

Frazer is a company that relies on its core values and the drive of its people. With a focus on longevity and employee success, Frazer welcomes its employees to push the envelope and drive improvement across all aspects of the company. At Frazer, you can unleash your potential!

Employee Driven Benefits

At Frazer, we take pride in listening to what our employees want in benefits. We’ve come up with a unique set of employee benefits and designed them around our culture.

  • Weekly paycheck, so you can shop every Friday!
  • Health Care Insurance (100% paid for by the company for all employees)
  • Dental Benefit options
  • 401k plan with a company match!
  • Disability Insurance
  • Paid Time Off that begins accruing your first day of employment
  • Eight paid company holidays and the ability to take time off during company shutdown from Christmas to New Year’s Day!
  • The “Company Kitchen” on-site for lunch and snack choices
  • Flexible Work Schedules
  • Professional development and skills training
  • Free Life Skills Training such as financial wellness classes

How Performance is Evaluated

Communication and collaboration are key at Frazer and we encourage an environment filled with positive feedback and constructive criticism, to unleash your potential for real professional growth! We use things like self-evaluations, group reviews, and quarterly check-ins to help define a clear path to success. You will also have an opportunity to give feedback to peers to help them to grow in their roles as well.

Skills (to Pay the Bills)

Here’s a list of a few competencies that the Automotive Painter at Frazer should have…

  • Ability to involve frequent changes of tasks using different techniques, procedures, working conditions, physical demands, or degrees of attentiveness without loss of efficiency or composure.
  • Adheres to and maintains exact levels of performance using the tools necessary to attain a quality prep job.
  • Solves problems, makes evaluations or reaches conclusions based on subjective or objective criteria, such as the five senses, knowledge, past experience, or quantifiable or factual data.
  • Has hand and power tools appropriate to perform tasks listed above.
  • Must maintain a positive work atmosphere by acting and communicating in a manner so that you get along with customers, subordinates, coworkers, management, and company officers.

Software Knowledge

Also, here are a few software packages that the Automotive Painter would eventually need to be versed in. Don’t worry . . . we expect some on-the-job training.

  • Google G-Suite (Gmail, Documents, Drive, Spreadsheets, etc.)
  • UKG (HRIS)

Oh, and $alary

Of course, we didn’t forget salary… Frazer offers competitive pay and this role will start with a salary between $20.00-$27.00 per hour depending on education, certifications, and experience.

Work Schedule

The Automotive Painter will work Monday to Friday 5:00 am – 1:30 pm. Late afternoon/evening/weekend hours may be required as needed. Work schedules may change to accommodate production needs.

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