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Preschool Teacher Jobs In Los Angeles

Preschool Lead Teacher

Job Details

Hiring Organization Hastings Ranch Nursery School
Post Name Preschool Lead Teacher
Qualification High School diploma, plus twelve postsecondary semesters (or quarter equivalent) units in early childhood education or child development (with passing grades) at an accredited college or university. Bachelor’s degree from an accredited four-year college or university with a major in Early Childhood Education, Child Development, or a related field is preferred.
Industry Private
Employment Type Part Time
Work Hours 4 Hours
Salary USD 20 To USD 31 Per Hour
Location Los Angeles, California, United States 91107

Job Description

Under the supervision of the Director, the Teacher leads the developmental, play-based instruction to children ages two to five years old, as adopted and directed by the Board of Directors.

The Teacher will lead Teacher Assistants and Parent Volunteers in the classroom and model supportive interactions and developmental activities to young children. While partnering with parents, the Teacher will lead the planning, organization, and implementation of education services for children and support school operations.



Two years of experience in leading the instruction of young children under the age of five years. Experience in collaborating with parents in the education of their children. Experience in preschool or preschool cooperative environments is preferred.


Principles of child development and early childhood education. Approaches to developmentally appropriate practice with preschoolers may include STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math), GLAD (Guided Language Acquisition Design), and CLASS (Classroom Assessment Scoring System). Standardized screening, assessment, and curriculum appropriate for preschool. Knowledge of relevant state and local laws, rules, and regulations (for example, Title XXII) is preferred.


Effective communication skills, both verbal and in writing. Interpersonal skills that support constructive workplace relationships and teamwork. Strong ability for problem solving and organization.

Ability to effectively manage time and be flexible to the demands of the position. Ability to demonstrate initiative and resourcefulness. Ability to maintain professional boundaries with other employees and with children and families. Competence in computer literacy, including Microsoft Office applications, Internet, and email.


High School diploma, plus twelve postsecondary semesters (or quarter equivalent) units in early childhood education or child development (with passing grades) at an accredited college or university. Bachelor’s degree from an accredited four-year college or university with a major in Early Childhood Education, Child Development, or a related field is preferred.


A valid Child Development Teacher Permit or Child Development Master Teacher Permit issued by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing is preferred.

Other Requirements

Must be at least eighteen (18) years of age. Prior to hire, must have a clear criminal record with the Department of Justice following a fingerprint screening; must successfully complete a health screening and provide proof of the absence of Tuberculosis (and every following two years); and must have physical ability to lift up to forty (40) pounds, type, bend, stoop, walk, reach overhead, push/pull, squat, twist, and turn. Expected to lift and carry children, when necessary, and be able to move quickly and actively within classrooms and in the play yard.


Classroom Instruction

  • Plan and coordinate, with the Education Coordinator and Director, the daily implementation of child-centered, play-based, developmentally appropriate curriculum and education services for children, in preparation for kindergarten, including the implementation of activities within General toddler and preschool education, Stepping Stones, Stay and Play, STEAM, Art Docent, Music Together and Field trip and community outings.
  • Supervise, direct, and coordinate Teacher Assistants and Parent Volunteers to execute the program and develop their skills and abilities in carrying out classroom activities.
  • Prepare materials and environments, both indoor and outdoor, required to implement the program, with the help of Teacher Helper Committee members.
  • Plan materials and experiences in the classroom that foster children’s cultural or ethnic diversity.
  • Plan and assure proper maintenance of an attractive, clean physical environment, including storage of equipment, furniture, materials, and supplies, that reflects the philosophy of the School and is safe and free of health hazards.
  • Maintain visual supervision of children enrolled in the assigned classroom at all times.
  • Regularly assess and document children’s development and progress, as well as keep parents informed of such regarding their child.
  • Plan for the needs of individual children in regard to their interests, physical and mental abilities, and styles of learning.
  • Implement children’s I.E.P (Individual Education Plan) or I.F.S.P. (Individual Family Service Plan), seeking clarification and assistance for any aspects that are not well understood.
  • Use Parent Conferences to discuss the child’s individual development and progress, assist parents in developing observational skills, and solicit parent observations and partnerships in the child’s development goals.
  • Guide children’s acquisition of social skills.
  • Eat with and assist children in the development of social and self-help skills, and sound nutritional practices.
  • Moving furniture and other equipment as necessary for set-up and clean-up of indoor and outdoor environments.
  • Following California Health and Safety Code, will change soiled clothing and diapers, as necessary.

Classroom Management

  • Cooperate with Board members and other staff members to ensure the smooth functioning of the School, which at times may require changes to meet the needs of children and updated administrative and programmatic requirements.
  • Adhere to the Code of Conduct and implement all HRNS policies and procedures, including assurance of licensing and safety requirements.
  • Maintain open, effective, and appropriate communication with Board, staff, families, and community partners, and facilitate communications wherein.
  • Complete and submit required forms and records in a timely and accurate fashion, e.g. lesson plans, timesheets, meal reports, etc.
  • Participate in early childhood education courses, conferences, and other activities for professional growth.
  • Renew Pediatric First Aid and CPR certification annually.
  • Assist in public events sponsored by the School.
  • Attend the HRNS Corporation Meeting, Orientation, and Open House, as well as other School events as assigned by the Board.
  • Maintain a professional attitude and loyalty to the School at all times.

Additionally, the Teacher shall assume and perform other tasks, responsibilities, and duties as assigned by the Director and the Executive Board of the Hastings Ranch Nursery School Board of Directors.


Hastings Ranch Nursery School is a non-sectarian, parent participation, cooperative nursery school founded. Our mission is to help children develop a love of learning through play, foster a commitment to explore and value differences, build a foundation for independence, cultivate social and emotional development, and enable academic growth through our cooperative family families.

We are an organization licensed by the State of California’s Department of Health and Social Services to provide an enriched developmental program for children ages two through five.

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