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Senior Sales Executive

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Hiring Organization Allied Outdoor Solutions
Post Name Senior Sales Executive
Qualification Any Graduate
Industry Private
Employment Type Full Time
Work Hours 8 Hours
Salary USD 100000 Per Year
Location Houston, Texas, United States 77043

We are passionate about imagining, designing, and creating spaces that make our clients want to live outside.  We have completed over 20,000 projects since as a company and it all starts with great designers who can see a space, discuss the family’s needs, and then marry the two together making it a place that is preferred over any other room in the home.

NO COLD CALLING, LEADS SET FOR YOU, Must currently make $100k+

Our average salesperson earns $120K per year, while a top performer will earn over $200k/per year. This is just the beginning because we are willing to pay well and you’ll see why true top producers can double that. We don’t care about your background as much as we do your SKILLS for sales. Young or old if you have the stuff for sale we’ll know it. But don’t even respond unless you really have the stuff of greatness.

Do you feel stuck!?

Are you bored with your current job?

Is the industry you are selling to dying?
Does your boss expect you to work more and pay you less each year?

Is your boss a micromanager without ever getting into the trenches with you?

Are you looking for a place to work where your boss actually listens to your innovative ideas?

Are you looking for an exciting place not just to work but to call home?

Look no further!  We are a family-owned home improvement company that is innovative and turning the contracting business on its head and we need top talent to continue to grow!

If you are currently a top performer in the medical device, technology, or a highly professional organization and looking for a place to grow both personally and professionally LOOK NO FURTHER!

Currently, the outdoor living market is experiencing tremendous growth and is in need of talent that is currently employed at other professional organizations across the globe.  According to Grandview Research the outdoor living market, “is expected to grow at a compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) of 6.1%.

Construction of dining and leisure areas is a growing trend, primarily in North America and Europe, which is expected to drive the market over the forecast period. The stay-at-home restrictions imposed by governments across several countries amid the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic are expected to create new growth opportunities for the market. Companies offering perpetual work from home opportunity to employees has enabled homeowners to renovate their existing spaces into office, mini gaming zones, grilling spaces, mini-gymnasiums, and yoga spaces.”

In addition, according to the Texas Demographic Center located at UTSA, “Texas’ growth rate of 15.9% more than doubled the growth rate of the nation (7.4%).”  This furthers the need for the need to service the demand in the outdoor living space marketplace.

It’s probable that you never thought about working in the home improvement industry.  That is true for many Allied Outdoor Solution employees as our firm is composed of high-caliber individuals that left corporate America for a path less traveled.  We have former employees of Apple, Gartner, Lockheed-Martin, NYU; University of IL; The Ohio State masters programs, Schulberger, Cameron, Caterpillar, Enterprise, Cintas, and Amazon amongst many other premier organizations.

We have been in business for over 12 years and are continuing to grow exponentially.  We are looking for premier talent, ideas, and personalities to keep our organization climbing to new heights.

About Allied Outdoor Solutions

Does integrity define your character; does excellence define your actions?  If so, you’ll find a home here at Allied Outdoor Solutions, because our goal is to provide unparalleled integrity and competence throughout the entire process of our backyard construction projects.

We have made a simple, yet profound decision to be Built DIFFERENT.

What does it mean to be Built DIFFERENT? It means Allied Outdoor Solutions takes pride in being, well, just a bit different than other construction firms. We make our tough decisions easier and sometimes, tougher by putting integrity at the center of our decision-making processes. We surprise clients with the transparency of our operations.

We respect our clients’ intelligence by providing them with detailed literature and information on our processes and products. We never get comfortable with the quality of our builds: we think meeting our own high standards just means it’s time to find higher ones.

We’re hyper-focused on doing what’s right even when it doesn’t make us popular. We’re okay with being different, in the end, because we want to provide more than just a high-quality construction project: we want to make a difference in the lives of our colleagues, our clients, and our community.

By infusing passion into our mission we have found great success which now requires your help to continue to grow, enabling us to impact more clients’ lives by helping them build spaces that will create lasting memories outdoors, for years after their project is complete.

If you’re not self-motivated please do not apply. The right candidates can build an empire within our rapidly growing organization.

Beyond the fantastic culture, family feel, and fulfilling work environment, the other obvious reason to read on is the position itself.

Responsibilities and Experience:

You will work from your home and, while we provide two iPads, health insurance, gas allowance, and a company cell phone, you must have a reliable computer, high-speed Internet, and good technology.

This is a full-time role. We will typically schedule 8 leads per week in the evening on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and every Saturday morning. We are off on Sundays and most Mondays.
Attributes of top candidates according to our 9 core values:

Influential (Be Relentlessly Resourceful)

Do you have a proven track record of sales experience?  That is a bonus but not required.  However, You MUST possess the ability to influence decision-makers on higher ticket items or the ability to communicate effectively the value of our firm building the project over others.  We have taken talented influencers and turned them into sales superstars.

Professional (Excellence is a Rush)

Do you dress sharp even when it’s not required because you enjoy it?  We do as well!

Creative (Be Inspiring):

Do you have a creative mind where you can see things others can’t but know it will make a difference?  We are looking for a person that gets excited to think of new ideas that will put, “1,000 songs in your pocket!” just like when Steve Jobs did with the iPod.

Organized (Win Together):

Able to organize your week in a way to handle multiple meetings and projects all moving at the same time while moving at a fast pace and not get burned out but enjoy it!  In order to succeed as an organization, we must be organized together and work harmoniously.

Communication (Communicate Constructively)

Must be able to commit to memory scripts outlined by our firm and present that material in a compelling and exciting way.

Technology (Fail Forward):

You must be passionate about technology and be proficient in using email, CRMs, and Apple products (iPhone and iPads), and just a quick learner when it comes to new technology!

Change (Hang On):

Dinosaurs are extinct because they couldn’t adapt to change just like many companies that rise and fall in industries every day!  We are on the cutting edge of outdoor home improvement and we change on a daily basis so we can become better every day for our clients!

Compensation (Love the Rare Air):

This is a role that takes high intelligence, critical thinking, and the ability to meet our clients on their level.  For these reasons, you must currently NEED to/MUST make over $100,000 annually.  Our average producers make over $100k while our top producers make $200k+ all on opportunities that our inside sales team qualifies for you.

Client Focused (Walk the Second Mile):

We must be available for our clients and treat their homes as our own.  It takes a team effort and a commitment to those homeowners that trust us with their projects.


  • Competitive compensation
  • Competitive medical / dental / vision
  • 401(k)
  • Financial wellness program
  • Unlimited Vacation

Are you ready to finally have a job you love?  If so, submit for information and we will contact you to get the conversation started.

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