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Special Education Teacher

Job Details

Hiring Organization UCAN
Post Name Special Education Teacher
Qualification B.Ed
Industry Private
Employment Type Full Time
Work Hours 8 Hours
Salary USD 4000 To USD 5000 Per Month
Location Chicago, Illinois, United States 60622


Under the direction of the Principal, the Teacher works with a group of students, employing specific training skills to conduct special educational activities.

Developing Individual Education Programs

  • Develops and implements a curriculum to meet the physical, emotional, and creative needs of students in an environment where they feel safe, valued, and respected.
  • Plans specific educational and developmental activities and a schedule of activities within the program outline – appropriate to the age level of the assigned students.
  • Diagnose educational needs using the Kaufman method.
  • Develops IEP based on the student’s unique situation
  • Develops IEP that identifies both short and long-term learning and behavioral goals.
  • Creates classroom lesson plans in accordance with students’ IEPs.

Instructional Effectiveness

  • Uses educational/therapeutic materials and methods, and plans for their appropriate use to promote the social, intellectual, emotional, and physical growth of the assigned students.
  • Establishes learning objectives and uses pre-planning and classroom teaching to accomplish those objectives.
  • Involves all students by utilizing a variety of educational methods to meet student’s individual learning styles.
  • Explains directions and models desired student performance.
  • Monitors student progress and adjusts instruction based on that progress.
  • Establishes closure by summarizing the content and fitting into context what has been taught.
  • Selects, maintains, and inventories educational supplies, and controls utilization of equipment and materials.

Promotes Orderly Behavior

  • Promotes orderly behavior throughout the school and clearly defines expected student behavior by encouraging positive behavior and controlling negative behavior.
  • Uses appropriate therapeutic methods to promote the social and emotional growth of the students.
  • Remains calm at all times and uses appropriate language with students and coworkers.
  • Maintains orderly behavior during class, class transitions, and meal breaks.
  • Is able to contain children using Therapeutic Crisis Intervention.
  • Utilizes Crisis Intervention staff appropriately

Building Relationships and Networks

  • Maintains relations with casework/social work staff and supports and encourages students to achieve a strengthening of the total agency relationship.
  • Establishes rapport with students and parents.
  • Establishes and maintains positive working relationships with coworkers and all agency personnel.
  • Actively listens to others and their points of view.
  • Maintains regular contact with parents by making a minimum of one phone call per month to each parent.
  • Keeps parents regularly informed about their child’s progress and areas for improvement.
  • Builds to strengthen the relationship between the school and parents.


  • Prepares a documented lesson plan and emergency lesson plan for each school day.
  • Keeps appropriate individual records, attendance records, and student assessments as designated.
  • Produces an IEP annual report for each student in a timely manner and in a format consistent with school requirements.
  • Maintains a current and up-to-date parent log in a format consistent with school requirements.
  • Completes student report cards in a timely manner and in a format consistent with school requirements.
  • Observes the functioning of students and keeps appropriate individual records, attendance records, and student assessments as designated; prepares, distributes, and grades examinations.

Outside Staffings

  • Attends and participates in outside staffing to meet the educational needs of the students.
  • Completes required paperwork for all staffing.
  • Arrives at staffing prepared and on time.
  • Works cooperatively with the other members of the educational team.
  • Stays focused and on the task in order to complete goals.
  • Type 10 (ED/BD), LBS1 Unlimited or LBS1 Limited Certification
  • Experience in and ability to teach all subject matter in a self-contained environment

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